Registered Pet is coming

"Providing Peace of Mind at All Times"

Registered Pet™ is coming in the Fall of 2015

Registered Pet™ is the online site for storage and retrieval of any / all documents, records photos, of an owners pets. Secure account Access is set up for each file / folder that a user wishes to upload and store safely. Much like the regulations regarding HIPAA in the Medical records storage protocols for safety and security, Registered Pet™ accommodates the same practices for your pets and all their records.

Registered Pet™ Exclusive Invitation

ProActive Pet Products, Inc. is pleased to offer you an exclusive invitation to preregister for Registered Pet™. Registered Pet™ will launch in the Fall of 2015 and we want all of friends and pet friends to be a part.

With this exclusive invitation you will be able to use Registered Pet™ free for a full year! Your will receive a confirmation code, updates, and a newsletter.

Preregister Here

Registered Pet™ is Feature Loaded

Safe and Secure storage and retrieval of all data on deposit by an owner or service provider related to a pet

Documentation and forms regarding various activities, such as importing or exporting a pet to another country, Veterinarian information, locating and record delivery, Lost and Found postings, etc

A collaborative board for pet owners to share information on any topic related to one’s pets, such as recommendations, nearby parks and other events, etc.

Owner accounts will be free for the first year with added bonuses if received with a ProActive Pet product purchase.

The Mission of Registered Pet™

“To promote proactive pet health and safety by being a provider of exceptional quality information services for pet care practitioners, pets, and their owners.”

Registered Pet™ was created by Proactive Pet Products™ to be part of the new wave of dog and cat online services redefining multiple segments in the pet industry in this digital age. It’s clear competitive advantage lies in its focus on being cost effective, easy to use, and provides pet owners with the confidence to handle any pet emergency through preparedness. With emphasis on function, innovative design, and education, these services stand alone in their pet safety and health categories.

The Company is on the forefront of dog and cat safety and health in unforeseen emergencies and accidents and define itself by its attention to detail and innovation in its online services.



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